AMDeC Investigators Resources Extranet

AMDeC-affiliated investigators interested in obtaining more information on AMDeC and its initiatives are welcome to register as a member of the AMDeC Investigators Resources extranet. The Investigators Resources section of the website offers detailed scientific information on AMDeC projects, group purchasing arrangements, seminars and conferences, investigator forums, and access to its Genomics Core Facilities. Members of AMDeC’s Investigator Resources extranet will receive periodic e-mail messages indicating the latest in updates on the investigator web pages, webcast programming, member surveys, and additional information on AMDeC activities.

To enroll as a member of AMDeC’s Investigators Resources extranet, please proceed to the Registration page and complete the form. Employees of AMDeC-affiliated institutions will receive instant approval to access the Investigators Resources webpages. An e-mail confirmation will follow immediately; please reply to finalize your full membership.